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Sujet Description Statut Par Type Priorité Version Catégorie Date de création
Migrates to git   Résolu tchemit Tâche Normal 3.0 - -
Be able to create a new decorator from another one Sometimes we need to clone a decorator (for example in jaxx widgets), add a new method *org.nuiton.decorator.DecoratorUtil#cloneDecorator* Résolu tchemit Evolution Normal 3.0 - -
Updates mavenpom to 4.7   Résolu tchemit Tâche Normal 3.0-alpha-3 - -
Add a way in MultiJxPath to keep the order of context, when changing it If I have a such context
A - B - C
When setting index to 1 I'd like to keep the order :
B - A - C
h3. Solution Using the new constructor :
And not using the cylcing order as actually :
B - C - A
Résolu tchemit Evolution Normal 3.0-alpha-2 - -